Emergency Response

BBC Electrical Services, Inc. takes great pride in our ability to provide emergency services to the electric utility industry. Our experience providing storm restoration services allows BBC to respond quickly and efficiently to any size disaster. This experience has taught us that the ability to respond to customer’s needs begins well before the disaster. BBC has spent years planning, organizing, and allocating a fleet of equipment and tooling for emergency response. BBC has access to over 500 pieces of equipment including specialized equipment such as command center, track diggers, track buckets, backyard machines, etc.Our work history has specific examples of prompt, effective response to both local emergencies and major disasters in the most challenging settings, including :

  • Hurricane Katrina
  • Hurricane Rita
  • 2006 Midwest Ice Storm (Missouri)
  • Greensburg Tornado (recipient of APWA National Emergency Response Award)
  • 2007 Midwest Ice Storm (Kansas and Iowa)
  • 2008 Midwest Ice Storm (Missouri and Kansas)
  • 2008 Northeast Ice Storm (Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts)
  • Hurricane Gustav
  • Hurricane Ike
  • 2009 Midwest Ice Storm (Missouri, Arkansas, and Kentucky)
  • 2010 Midwest Ice Storm
  • 2012 Hurricane Sandy (New York and New Jersey)


BBC Electrical Services, Inc. emergency response effort was recognized by American Public Works Association restoration project of the year for BBC’s response to the May 2007 Greensburg, Kansas tornado. This project involved providing material procurement, labor, and equipment to rebuild the entire town electrical system.

Emergency Response personnel understand that emergencies do not discriminate between business hours and evenings, between weekdays and weekends. Our customers know that they will reach someone who is authorized to take decisive, efficient, effective action 24/7.


BBC Electrical Services, Inc. provides construction and maintenance services on energized/de-energized distribution facilities for the electric utility industry. Our clientele consist of investor owned utilities, cooperatives, municipalities, and industrial customers. Our management team’s capabilities provide years of experience in energized, de-energized, aerial, and underground environments. Our IBEW trained labor along with proper tooling, PPE, and the highest quality equipment in the industry helps meet our customers’ objectives.

Aerial – Voltage conversions, pole replacement, equipment installation, wire stringing, cable placement, cable splicing, street light installation, and material procurement.
Underground – URD installation services include trenching, directional drilling, duct and vault installations, wire placement, cable splicing, system repairs, fault locating, and material procurement.
AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) – Meter replacement and installation of communication networks to enable SMART GRID technology.


BBC Electrical Services, Inc. provides substation construction and maintenance services for a wide variety of electric utility and industrial customers. Our management team has over 25 years experience building and maintaining electrical substations. Our experience along with our highly trained IBEW labor force allows completion of any size substation project from the ground up, including material procurement.


  • Clearing, grading, and site work
  • Ground grids and ground connections
  • Underground conduit and cable trench
  • Equipment pads and steel support structures
  • Foundations
  • Buss work
  • Equipment installation and testing
  • Oil containment systems
  • Transformer rigging and unloading
  • Power and control wiring
  • Control building structures
  • Outage response
  • Scheduled maintenance


BBC Electrical Services, Inc. provides transmission line construction and maintenance services for electric utility and generation customers. BBC’s management team has over 25 years experience constructing and maintaining transmission lines of various sizes. This experience and knowledge, along with coordinated planning and extensive resources, enable us to successfully meet the challenges of weather and terrain on any project, regardless of size and scope.


Aerial Capabilities:

  • Installations through 345 kV
  • Drilled pier, driven caisson, or pile foundations
  • Wood, steel, and concrete structures (frame and set)
  • Single or bundle conductor installation
  • OPGW and ADSS
  • Reconductoring with ACSS
  • Helicopter supported work

Industrial Construction

BBC Electrical Services, Inc. works in the most demanding industrial environments. These environments include industrial plants and wind farm developments. Our ability to furnish a variety of solutions translates into economies of time and cost for our customers. We often enter into partnering relationships with customers to allow a win-win result for all parties.

  • Chemical/petrochemical plants/turnarounds
  • Wind farm collector facilities
  • Wind farm collector substations
  • Wind farm transmission lines
  • Electric generating plants
  • Co-generation plants
  • Electric substations